Hedge Cutting / Removal

Regular Hedge Trimming is a must

Established hedges need regular trimming to keep them dense, compact and tidy, and formal hedges require more frequent trimming than informal ones. JB Landscapes are experienced at all kinds of hedge trimming and management and will be happy to advise you prior to discussing any work.

We have now a good hedge-trimming customer base who rely on JBL to trim their hedges once or twice a year without the need make a fresh booking each time.

Hedge Reduction & Removal
If your hedge has grown larger than you would like, JB Landscapes can expertly reduce it back to a manageable size, or even remove it completely including the roots.
The plant species of the hedge needs to be taken into consideration when planning a heavier cut and some hedges may look a little bare until fresh growth restores its’ ideal appearance.

Laurel hedges can be cut back to bare wood and will recover well, as do Privet, Hawthorn and Holly hedges.

Conifers are less forgiving. The height can be reduced without long term harm although the brown centre part will be visible from the top, at least for a while.
The sides of a conifer stand less cutting before the brown centre of the plant is exposed and the original green covering may never be fully restored.

Hedge Removal
JB Landscapes can remove any kind of hedge including all the roots.
Naturally, all waste is cleared away.

When hedges are removed, we are often asked to replace it with a new, more suitable hedge or other perimeter such as fencing.

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